Science Fair Projects

Arkansas Energy Rocks has lots of fun experiments, activities and information. Use this information to create a fantastic science fair project, write an A+ report or astonish your friends with your big brain!

*All experiments should be conducted with an adult.

Grades K-3

Comparing Light Bulbs
Comparing the light and energy produced by different kinds of light bulbs.

Energy For Life
Must plants have the energy from the sun to live?

Sprouting Seeds
How much sun does a seed need to sprout?

Static Power
Can a mixture of salt, sugar and pepper be separated using static electricity?

Sun or Shade
Is the air the same temperature in the sun and in the shade?

Grades 4-7

Garbage Energy
Can you produce a gas from decaying garbage, and if so can you control it?

Which materials make good insulators?

Natural Plastic
Can you make your own natural plastic and if so does it decompose better than oil-based plastic?

Solar Distiller
Can you distill clean water from muddy water or salty water?

Waste Heat
Does a high watt bulb produce more heat than a low watt bulb? Does an incandescent bulb produce more heat than a fluorescent bulb?

Wind Around Your Home
On which side of the house would you put a windmill? Is there more wind at higher altitudes?

Grades 7-9

Clean Air
Does indoor or outdoor air have more particulate pollution?

Slow Cooker
Which natural material works best to insulate a homemade slow cooker: paper, cloth, or hay?

Solar Distiller
Can you distill clean water from muddy water or salty water?

Thermal Energy Put To Work
Can thermal energy be made to do useful work?

General Projects

Dinosaur Bread
Why do you think oil natural gas are called “Fossil Fuels?” How long do you think it takes for fossil fuels to form?

Magic Balloon
Have you ever thought about how natural gas is formed? Do you think it is safe to heat our homes with gas?

Soda Separation
How do you separate natural gas from oil?